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The Church in Singapore

In 1960, four members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were found to be living in Singapore. Latter-day Saints from the British military and from Hong Kong began holding Church meetings in Singapore in 1963. The first missionaries arrived there from the Southern Far East Mission in March 1968. That same year the Church established the first congregation in Singapore. The Southeast Asia Mission was created in November 1969. In 1970, when approximately 100 Latter-day Saints lived in Singapore, government officials restricted preaching and visas for missionaries. Progress continued through the efforts of local members, and by 1976, Church membership in Singapore totaled 309. The Singapore Mission was reopened in January 1980. Five years later, Church membership in Singapore was 960. By 1990 the Church had constructed three meetinghouses that served approximately 1,300 members.

In August 1992, Jon Huntsman Jr., a Latter-day Saint who had preached as a missionary in Taiwan, was sworn into office as the United States Ambassador to Singapore. By mid-1993 Church membership in Singapore totaled 1,750 in seven congregations.

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